The Success Commitment

What are your thoughts about the following commitments for students and staff here at Athena?

The Success Commitment:

  • Come: I will be at school on time every day unless I am sick.
  • Care: I will give serious effort to learning new skills and content each day.
  • Cooperate: I will follow the  guidelines and expectations set by school.
  • Challenge: I will challenge myself by taking tough classes and working hard.
  • Connect: I will participate in at least one extra curricular activity this year.

Leave a comment in the space below… do these four commitments encompass what we want from our students and ourselves.

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1 Response to The Success Commitment

  1. Julie LaRosa says:

    The success commitent is concise and meets our curent goals. We have to begin somwhere and it appears to be a wonderful starting point for future success.

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