What Excellent Educators Do!

Today I had my 4th focus group with 8 more incredible members of the Athena High School team.  I have to say everyone I have met so far has been great.  The passion for students, camaraderie among teachers and support staff and desire to continue to grow and learn is remarkable. It is clear that everyone is truly in pursuit of excellence.  Everyone I meet is striving hard on a journey toward becoming great at what they do for our students. Driving in to work today, I was mulling over what great educators do… and the following phrase kept bouncing around in my head!

Excellent Educators Empower, Equip, Engage, Energize, Excite… and sometimes teach!

The more teachers and staff that I get to hangout with and talk to at Athena, the more I get excited to be joining something really incredible! We are in the business of doing all of those “E” words mentioned above.  I have yet to meet a member of this team who is not relentlessly passionate about empowering and equipping our students.  Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and for helping me get to know Athena a little better each time we chat.

Stay tuned to this blog for regular updates, information and details as we proceed through the summer! Feel free to stop by the office anytime.

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