Trojans Using Twitter!

Many of the members of our team here at Athena are starting to leverage the power of Twitter. This incredible tool can be used to communicate effectively with students, colleagues, parents and the world.  It can also be used to learn from other incredible educators from around the world.

Here are a few recent tweets by Athena Teachers to give you an small glimpse at a few ways to use Twitter as an educator!

Mr. Frisa shares websites and articles with his students in these tweets!

MrFrisa “For Adam Kulp…..“@SocialPsych: Kinder, Gentler Video Games May Actually Be Good for Players

Mrs. Rounding gives a shout out to Mr. Scott for helping with the Poetry Slam in one tweet and send out the weblink to the summer reading list in the next one!

 MrsRounding_Lib “Thanks again to @Mister_Scott for helping with another successful Poetry Slam this year

MrsRounding_Lib “@athenalibrary High School Reading List is posted at this…

Mr. Scott shares a Haiku with his followers in this tweet.

Mister_Scott “Gardening Haiku: Hardened dirt gloms to/newly unearthed, shallow roots–/to begin, let go.”

Mr. Bruner share a thought of celebration and encouragement with the graduating seniors in this tweet.

The_Bruner “Another Graduation in the book. Good Luck 2011! Go and take on the world, it will challenge you, it must never defeat you!

Click on any of the highlighted names about to see more tweets by these teachers. Also, the links mentioned in the tweets are live and will take you to the websites.

Want to learn more? Here are a few websites to help you get started:

How could you use Twitter to support your instruction?  Share your thoughts with us… leave a comment below.
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One Response to Trojans Using Twitter!

  1. hiplibrarian says:

    Thanks for the shout out regarding Twitter! We look forward to tweeting with you and hopefully several other staff members this coming school year. 🙂
    ~Emily Rounding

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