Transition Focus Group Questions

Questions for Entry Plan Interview Sessions: The following questions will serve as the outline for the various stakeholder meetings and interviews that I will be conducting.  I do not expect you to answer them ahead of time, however you may find them helpful as you think about what you would like to share with me if you choose to participate in any of the feedback sessions this summer.

  1. Please give me a brief background of yourself including any information you feel would be useful. Ideas for information to share under this topic include:
    • When did you come here? Why?
    • What have your responsibilities been?
    • What is it like to work here?
    • Would you come back if you had to leave? Why or why not?
  2. What are your overall impressions of Athena’s strengths and weaknesses?
  3. What is the key issue for your work in particular here at Athena?
  4. What is the key issue our school faces in the near future? What should I know about this issue? How do you feel it should be resolved.
  5. What has the nature of your contact with the principal been in the past? How should it remain the same? How would you like to see it changed?
  6. What is your view of how decisions are made in your area? In the school? How should decision making remain the same? How would you like to see it changed?
  7. Of what are you most proud in your area and in the school as a whole? What is your own proudest accomplishment while working here.
Transition Plan: Click Here
Focus Group Sign Up Chart: Click Here
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