Get Motivated Conference Highlights

Yesterday the administrative team headed to the Blue Cross Arena to attend the “Get Motivated” conference.  There was an incredible lineup of speakers and teachers sharing wisdom and insight.  Several teachers attended as well and everyone seemed to take away some great ideas and inspiration.  The following quotes were taken from Jason Gianotti’s twitter updates during the conference.

“Leaders help followers get the job done… Everything needs to be focused on the followers!” Colin Powell
“Every human being has dreams, ambition, desires and sorrow.” Colin Powell
“When you use the remote control to turn the power on… You turn yours off!” (can’t remember who said this one… but it was good!
“Don’t talk about things you are not going to do!” Bill Cosby
“In the quiet crucible of personal suffering the noblest accomplishments are born.” Terry Bradshaw
“If you are happy and you know it, tell your face!” Krishna Dhanam
What great leaders do, according to Rudy Guliani: Listen, Rehearse, Write, Relax, Care (paraphrase of his entire talk).
“The food u eat on the mountain is grown in the valley.” Krish Dhanam
“If you don’t like what you are getting, change what you are doing.” Krish Dhanam
“Integrity is better than compliance.” Rick Belluzzo
“If you make it tough for people to give you feedback, you only hurt yourself!” Rick Belluzzo
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